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When Captain Sophia asked me why I was holding a magic show here, I explained that I was preparing to activate my magic to blow up your forces, but I couldn’t do it because of your arrival, and both of them were shaking, their faces pale.

Poor thing. …. It seems I have scared them away.

Well, of course.

They were the target of a spell that burned and blew up a wide area without leaving a trace, and I would have been scared out of my wits if someone said that to me.

I realized after I said it that I shouldn’t have said it to the two of them.

I was just answering a question that was asked of me, but this makes it sound like I threatened them. ….

I didn’t mean to.

By the way, my parents told me a long time ago that I should become an adult who can say “I’m sorry” and “thank you.

Apology and gratitude.

It’s an important thing.

I may look like a school child, but I am a 17-year-old JK inside.

I know the importance of saying I’m sorry.

So I apologized to the two of them, saying I was sorry for something.

And so, with Edilua satisfied with the flashy magic she had requested, and the captain and the men looking tired, I returned to the grassland, connecting the space to where I had been.

If we used space-time magic, we could play with the flow of time in the other space, but we’re not doing that now, so it must have been about thirty minutes while we were having our fancy magic unveiling.

So I thought I’d help Hedera build her house, which was probably still in progress.


「…. what is this?」

But what I found was not the original wide open grassland …. It was a white house floating on a large lake. No, it was a castle.

There was a long, wide bridge from the shore of the lake, and it looked like a famous castle in France, built as if it were floating on a beautiful lake reflecting the blue moonlight.

That was a castle built over a river, but the castle in front of me stood quietly in the middle of a large lake, illuminated by the moonlight.

The castle was as tall and large as a skyscraper.

「Welcome back, everyone. The building has just been completed. 」

Hedera, who was waiting for me in front of the large stone bridge that spanned the entrance to the castle, told me this.

Maid-san and the castle.

It was a very picturesque scene.

It was like something out of a picture book, and it made me feel very happy.

A big white castle floating on a lake.

Isn’t it wonderful?

I was getting excited.

Was there ever a lake like this? I wondered.

Something like, why it was a castle which was being built when we had said we were building a house?

I mean, how can one person build a castle in 30 minutes? I wondered.

Such questions popped up in the corner of my mind for a moment, but they soon became unimportant.

After all, this was the world of magic.

「Amazing, amazing! It’s really a castle! 」

Before I knew it, I was engrossed in the castle in front of me.

「That’s great. I wonder if I should raise the level of my earth magic too? 」

「Whoa …. What is it, one thing after another: …. 」

「Hey, Bran…. Am I out of my mind, or what ….? 」

「…. I feel the same way.」

So, we were led by Hedera into the castle.

We arrived at the Hedera castle, crossed a large long bridge, and entered through the entrance of the castle, which was an incredibly spacious entrance.

The walls and ceiling were chalk white, the floor was covered with black and white tiles in a plaid pattern, and there was a stairwell leading up to the second floor.

Since there was no electricity, the space was lit by torches attached to the walls, and the detailed design of the space was solemn and beautiful.

It was so solemn and beautiful that it would not have surprised me if it was a palace.

「That’s amazing. It’s a magnificent castle. 」

「It’s wonderful, it’s so beautiful. 」

Although I don’t know how it was built, the front wall is lined with beautiful glass windows, and if you look out through them, you can see the blue lake with the moon quietly shimmering on the surface, and the grasslands beyond.

I was suddenly very excited.

It’s a castle.

We’re going to live here.

I feel like a king living in a castle.

How can I not be excited about this?

Absolutely for sure.

「The garden in the front, the rooms on the second floor and beyond, the small furniture, the decorations, the lighting, the water and sewage, etc., are still incomplete. 」

「That’s good enough for me, thanks Hedera! 」

「Oh, Alice-sama …. Thank you for your appreciation.」

「Alice is so cute at her age, right? 」

「What on earth …. These people are …. 」

「Bran, I’ve decided I don’t care anymore」.

「…. Well…」

We made our way around the castle, and eventually came to a room.

We were seated at a table and chairs that felt as slippery as marble, and in an otherwise empty room, we faced each other and talked again.

「I would like to greet you again. I’m Sophia Nouvel, the third daughter of the family of Count Nouvel, the captain of the unit under the direct control of Riade, the Knights of the Nouvel territory. 」

That’s how Captain Sophia introduced herself.

I’ve heard the term “Count” before.

It’s called a title. I learned about it in school.

I was a little surprised to learn that there is such a thing in this world.

It’s a worldview that seems to have come out of a history class in a previous life.

Like the medieval Europe.

As the third daughter of a count family, it means that Captain Sophia is actually a noblewoman.

The daughter of a count family is the captain of a knight order.

I don’t know much about it because I’m not really interested in history, but I guess that’s how it is.

「I’m Bran, a member of the Nouvel territory knights Riade direct control unit」.

Next, Bran also introduced himself for the second time.

Then I realized that none of us had said our names until now.

What a surprise.

「Oh, I haven’t introduced myself yet, sorry. I’m Alice, nice to meet you. 」

「I’m Alice’s maid, Hedera. I’m Hedera. Nice to meet you. 」

「I am Edilua, the Black Death Ruin Dragon. Nice to meet you. 」

We each introduced ourselves, but when they heard Edilua’s name, they froze for a moment, and then Captain Sophia and Bran gave us a dumbfounded look.

They roll their eyes in surprise.

Although Edilua was a dragon that had been sealed away for 3000 years, they seemed to know about it.

In fact, there is a forest where Edilua used to live just across the mountain range from here, so I would have thought that the people around here would know at least some of the old stories, and it turned out to be right.

「…. H….? Ah …. Oh. You, with your dark hair, are a good joke teller, aren’t you?」

「Oh, it was a joke …. Hahaha, of course it was.」

「I’m sorry to think it was a joke. Here, let me show you my status. 」

Edilua said, showing them her status.

They stared at it while rubbing their eyes, and eventually began to shake their bodies, sweating beads with a blue face.

Poor thing. …. They seem to be frightened.

I think it’s because they had seen the description that her as living adversary or something like that,…..

No no no, that’s not it, in the first place, the biggest surprise is that she is a dragon and has a human form.

It’s a very surprising dragon.

「Ohhhh …. Oh my god …. What am I supposed to do …. 」

「ha…. Ha ha …. What’s going on today …. Will this country be destroyed? 」

And then Captain Sophia starts to panic, and Team Member Bran looks up at the sky and stares into space.

It’s a little funny.

「…. What? I’m not going to destroy anything. I’m fine as long as Alice and I can have a nice, relaxing life together. Right, Alice? 」

「That’s right」.

Edilua lifted me up and held me on her lap where she sat, stroking me again.

I just let her do as she pleases without saying a word, which I’ve gotten used to.

After a while, the two knights settled down and looked at me with a subtle expression on their faces as I was rubbed.

「The legendary dragon that destroyed the entire civilization of the continent a long time ago and killed the gods…. I didn’t think they actually existed. …. 」

What a thing to say, Team Member Bran.

No way, it actually happened.

「I didn’t cause the destruction of the continent. I just threatened them a little. Some of the countries were destroyed because of it. …. Besides, it all started when mankind got carried away and picked a fight together with a stupid god. It’s what they deserved. 」

「Well, is that so ….? 」

「Yes. I wonder what they say about me among humans? 」

「It was thousands of years ago, so I don’t think there was any detailed literature left. It’s more like a legend or a fairy tale. They would threaten children who misbehaved by saying, “If you’re bad, the Black Death Dragon will come and eat you”.」

It just like the saying, “Yama* will pull out your tongue”. (*king of the world of the dead, who judges the dead)

If it was 3,000 years ago, there would be no one alive to have seen Edilua in person, so I suppose it can’t be helped.

「Who in the world are Alice-dono and Hedera-dono to get accompanied such legendary dragons? 」

「I am the true ancestor. It seems that I am the founder and creator of vampires. Do you want to see the status? 」

「I am a True Ancestor who was created by Alice-sama.」

When I showed them mine and Hedera’s statuses, they were surprised all over again.

It’s like watching someone fall for a prank you’ve pulled on them, and it feels really good.

「True Ancestor …. Isn’t that another mythical or fairy tale existence? …. 」

「But aren’t all three of you living legends …. Ah …. Did our Unit fight with these people? …. I guess I’ll have to pay for it with my life …. 」

「Please stop. We’ll lose our guide.」

「That’s right. The three of us don’t know anything about human common sense. If you don’t keep an eye on us, we might do something terrible without knowing anything, you know? 」

「That …. That’s indeed a problem. …. 」

Captain Sophia was stunned by Edilua’s unintelligible threat.

I’m sure she’s afraid of Edilua.

If Yama appeared in front of me, I would tremble and ask for forgiveness.

I have no doubt that I would freak out.

So, after showing a slight gesture of thinking about something, Captain Sophia began with a very serious expression.

「I hope you three don’t mind my rudeness, but I need a favor …. Can you please allow me to stay here?」

What a thing to say, Captain Sophia said as she stared straight at us.

In other words, she wants to live here.

Is it okay for a captain of a knight order? but I guess it’s okay if she says so. I don’t care about that.

Now, is there any reason to oppose Captain Sophia’s decision to live here?

It’s convenient for Sophia to stay with us, as she can teach us a lot about this world.

Fortunately, Hedera has built us a big house, or rather a castle, so we don’t need to worry about where to live when we have one or two more residents.

Plus, I’ll have more human friends.

In other words, there is no problem.

In fact, I’d welcome it.

「I’m fine with it.」

「I don’t mind either.」

「If it’s fine with you two, it’s fine with me too.」

「Eh, you don’t mind? 」

If Edilua and Hedera are okay with it, then there’s no problem at all.

This is the beginning of new friends.

After the Evil Dragon of the Demise and Maid of the True Ancestor, it was finally a race I knew well, human.

I’m sure that since she is from this world, she must have physical abilities that are far different from the humans I know, but somehow I feel at ease.

As I was thinking about this, Bran, who was listening next to us, asked anxiously.

「Captain, what do you mean? No way. …. 」

No way. ….?

What is it about the way the words are separated that makes me so anxious?

There was a hint of unease in the air.

「Is there a reason? 」

I asked, and Captain Sophia responded with an expression that was a mixture of sadness and awkwardness.

「…. Urgh. Actually, the other day, my father, …. The territory lord mentioned something to me. If this mission failed, he would dismiss me from my post as captain and disband the unit. This time, I will be expelled from the Count’s household. …. 」

Then, Captain Sophia began to tell us what had happened to her.


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